The moment I was walking in the friendly garden

Tender Garden stands for Authenticity & Sinocentrism about a healthy and beautiful life, and the sophisticated scent finds a life of true value with a healthy scent that gives you a little relaxation, healing, and vitality of your day


We study based on the pride of our well-made products and the authenticity of a healthy life


We seek excellent efficacy and sincere technology expertise

It provides immediate refresh with selected raw materials and delicate steering based 
on strict standards

COMPANY V.Platform Co., Ltd.  |   CEO HYEJIN SUL  |   BUSINESS LICENSE 582-86-02241

ONLINE BIZ 2021-Seoul Seongdong-01401  |   ADDRESS  915, 49, Achasan-ro 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul  |   E-MAIL

CS 070-7730-4700

(AM10 - PM5, Lunch PM1 - PM2, SAT, SUN HOLIDAY OFF)